COVID-19 Announcement

All TAFR meetings will be held online.  All activities are postponed or cancelled.  We urge all TAFR members to share their resources with first responders, medical personnels, and all essentials workers.  These resources are and not limited to: masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitizers, hand soap, cleaning supplies, etc.

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Taiwanese American First Responders Benevolent Organization Welcomes You To Volunteer With Us

At Taiwanese American First Responders Benevolent Organization, we are all volunteers. We care for the well-being of the first responders, improve working relationship between the first responders and the community public safety, promote cooperation and knowledge exchange between Taiwan and U.S. first responders
Our programs and activities are designed to strengthen the Asian community relationship between the first responders, promote volunteerism and pursue increased and improved the relationship among first responders from different countries and their communities.  
Learn more about the positive impact we have and join us in bringing about positive change.





At the 2015 World Police and Fire Games held in Fairfax, Virginia, a number of volunteers worked together to assist the Taiwanese first responder athletes as they competed against other first responders from around the world.

Following the 2015 Games, many of the volunteers still get together to this day and remain committed to further assist first responders. Some of us volunteers from the 2015 Games have decided to establish an official non-profit organization and hope to expand our volunteer network nationwide.

Here at Taiwanese American First Responders Benevolent Organization, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all. Our decision making process is informed by comprehensive empirical studies and high quality data evaluation. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits.


Upcoming Events

  • A message from the Chief- Rockville City Police Department
    Regionally and Nationally
    "Hate has no place in Rockville!!! An important message from Rockville City Police Chief Brito in regards to the recent attacks on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders regionally and nationally. " - Rockville City Police Department
  • Annual Inauguration Celebration
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    We estimated in 2016 and this is our 4th year in committing to our community. Please join us and celebrate our milestone.
  • 協助訂購布口罩- 3/24週二下午五時截止統計
    Mar 23, 2020, 6:00 PM – Mar 24, 2020, 5:00 PM
    Online Registration
    一、因應海外僑胞對口罩需求,僑務委員會將採購「布口罩」(一般坊間傳統的布口罩,非不織布材質,沒有過濾夾層)運送至海外,以供有迫切需求的僑胞價購,布口罩一個新台幣25元(布口罩為單一尺寸,不分成人或兒童),請協助統計所需數量。 二、僑委會並已向疫情指揮中心明確反應核配醫療級紙口罩以供海外僑界需求(惟醫療級紙口罩目前尚未定案,每枚售價新台幣5元/枚),也請一併告知成人、兒童枚數。 為利統計,敬請在3月24日下午5時前回覆以下需求數量。
  • Safety Seminar
    Sun, Mar 15
    Cabin John Middle School
    Mar 15, 2020, 1:40 PM – 3:00 PM EDT
    Cabin John Middle School, 10701 Gainsborough Rd, Potomac, MD 20854, USA
    3/15 starting at 1:40pm at the cabin john m.s. all purpose room (cafeter). Please come and interactive with our policy officer to learn about how to protect yourself from an active shooting situation.